wd40Our locksmith service specializes in lock replacement and repair. Over the years we have tried just about every kind of penetrating oil that you imagine in order to lubricate the locks that we work with. This is our review of the latest in penetrating oils for 2017.

Penetrating oil is a specialized, lubricant that is used in mechanics to remove rust from auto parts, as a well as a lubricant to loosen tightened nuts and bolts. It is called by this name because it can seep through narrow spaces of two parts to separate them. Penetrating oil also helps prevent corrosion, but is only advisable to use in more toughened places because the oil evaporates quickly, leaving very little lube left if used generally.

Toughened areas include removing chewing gum and adhesive stickers from cars, tires, and shoes, reducing friction on metallic musical instruments, and household repairs.

There are various brands of penetrating oil that can be bought online or in store. The recommended ones are based on lubrication effect in removing the toughened grip from certain places, as well as any extra additives the oil has to make it even more efficient in use. Here are a few of these penetrating oils.

WD-40 Rust Release Penetrant Spray

WD-40 is one of the most notable brands of penetrating oil and incredibly effective in almost any use of separating bonded figures. Their spray is a fast-acting, extra-penetrating lube to use on locks, nuts, and bolts. The lubricant also gives a protective layer against corrosion from forming again.

Liquid Wrench L106 Penetrating Oil

This is a fast lubricant that frees any stuck nuts, bolts and locks, cuts through any grease, and removes any rust. It’s a new formula that is more powerful with higher solvency, less thickness, and lower tension on surfaces. Plus, it is safe on paint and lacks odor when applied.

Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil

This comes in regular and aerosol, but either version can dissolve the rust and grease, while also having long lasting lubrication that is able to free frozen metallic pieces. Water is displaces and gum is easily dissolved. The oil can go into creases as tiny as one millionth of an inch.

Loctite Penetrating Oil

Their Freeze & Release Aerosol Can will freeze instantly any rusted bolts and nuts. The purpose of this penetrating oil is giving a shock-freeze effect (about -38 F) on the super tiny cracks on the rust’s top layer, giving the lubricant to seep directly into the rust. After 1-2 minutes, the targeted bolt and nut can be easily removed.

Penetrating oils, or lubricant, is a very popular instrument in loosening those impossibly removable bolts and nuts from doors and tables. It can also be used to fix those creaks in the doors to allow it swing in and out smoothly. This makes things easier when disassembling anything with rust on it and helps prevent anything metallic from being rusted in time.

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