High Security Grade 1 Locks

Killeen Locksmith Pros is an established locksmith that specializes in the installation, repair and replacement of various key locks including high security locks for commercial and industrial properties.
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Killeen Locksmith High Security Grade 1 LocksHigh Security Grade 1 Locks

The three main grades of locks are grade 1 locks for commercial and industrial purposes, grade 2 locks for light duty commercial applications and heavy duty residential purposes and grade 3 locks for residential purposes. High security locks are quickly becoming the most preferred choice of locks for business owners because they offer the highest level of security. These types of locks are designed to overcome forceful physical entry, since many have restrictive keyways that make picking the lock virtually impossible. The cylinders on high security key locks also feature hardened steel inserts that are designed to prevent drilling and other physical attacks such as hammering, and wrenching. Some cylinders are fitted with more than one locking mechanism that is operated using a single key. This makes its very difficult for burglars to pick or enter your premises using bump keys. High security grade 1 locks also have hardened steel bolts, deadbolt and pins which can withstand some of the toughest commercial applications.

Benefits Of Installing High Security Grade 1 Locks

Although high security locks are more expensive compared to other types of key locks, they will offer you a peace of mind and a high level of physical security. We at Killeen Locksmith Pros will help you replace, install and repair your high security locks for government buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, offices, banks and other commercial and institutional applications. Some of the most popular brands of high security grade 1 locks in our checklist include; Medeco, Multi-T-Lock, Emtek, Arrow and Schlage. Below is a list of some of the benefits of installing high security grade 1 locks in your business:

  • Helps deter and prevent burglary
  • Eliminates the need to duplicate keys
  • Comes with key control management system
  • Features forced entry protection
  • It is made from highly durable materials
  • Provides only one key setup for unlocking your doors

Our Service Advantage

High security locks can make a huge difference when it comes to the security of your business. If you are looking for a reliable commercial locksmith in town, we provide all the solutions that you need. Our company offers a prompt, 24/7 locksmith service to residents of Killeen TX and surrounding suburbs. Over the years we have built a reputation for providing comprehensive quality service, thanks to our expert technicians. No matter the size or complexity of the job, our commercial locksmiths will always strive to ensure total customer satisfaction.

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Killeen Locksmith Pros is a locally owned and operated locksmith service that has in its fold, a team of highly experienced mobile locksmiths, who have 5+ years of experience in the industry. If you want to install and repair a high security locking system to safeguard your business premises, we will work around the clock to ensure your security. Our fast and friendly support team will see to it that the technicians arrive at your location soon after receiving your call, in-line with our 30 minute response guarantee. If you live in Killeen TX and surrounding areas, you can visit our website or call our offices today to get the latest information on our complete locksmith service and take advantage of our up front pricing.

About Our Company

Killeen Locksmith Pros is an established locksmith that specializes in the installation, repair and replacement of various key locks including high security locks for commercial and industrial properties. The company is licensed, bonded and insured to ensure only the highest quality of service is offered. Residents of Killeen TX and surrounding areas can prevent their businesses from falling victim to burglary and frequent lock replacements, by installing high-security grade 1 locks. Our complete locksmith service package also includes various residential and automotive locksmith services.

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