Broken Key Extraction

Whatever the cause, we can be at your location quickly and can deal with all makes and models, both foreign or domestic. We are the area's top automotive residential and commercial locksmiths.
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Broken Key Extraction Requires Professionals

Winter time is the season when the most number of keys break off in frozen locks, requiring broken key extraction. The little handle comes off in your hand, leaving the key’s blade deeply embedded in the lock mechanism, disabled. Killeen Locksmith Pros make spare keys, but in this situation your spare keys (which if you do not have, be sure to get them as part of the repair) will do no good because the keyhole is blocked by the broken off key. You need them to get things back to normal with your completely disabled lock.

The need for a broken key extraction can result from many normal, usual, everyday, and unfortunately all too common, unremarkable events. It happens to millions of people every year across the world and is nothing to be ashamed of. Our licensed, bonded and insured mobile locksmiths have helped a great many people with a broken key in a lock. Here are the most common causes:

  • There was slight moisture in the lock in sub-freezing weather. You are able to get the key in but when you try to yank it out, the blade is frozen in solid ice so it doesn’t give, and the key breaks.
  • Your growing teenager pushed past you in a crowded parking lot causing your hip to break the key off.
  • You slipped while unlocking your car and broke the key off.
  • A freak muscle spasm causes you to lunge to the left while unlocking your door and the key breaks off in the lock.

We Are The Experts

Whatever the cause, we can be at your location quickly and can deal with all different makes and models, both foreign and domestic. We are the area’s top automotive residential and commercial locksmiths. We can help you with our fair and up front pricing, our expert technicians, our celebrated fast and friendly 24/7 locksmith service, and our 30 minute response time. Every one of our locksmiths are licensed and bonded. If you need them to, our technically savvy locksmiths can rekey the lock or change the lock while they are there. It is your call as to whether it should be rekeyed.

In The Home

Killeen Locksmith Key ExtractionWe are available as a 24/7 locksmith service with completely upfront pricing directly to your home. Whether you live in a condominium, a small apartment, or an expansive estate, we do the same key cutting, key duplication, and key extraction for anybody in Killeen TX and surrounding areas. We change locks, install new deadbolt assemblies, key-less entry lock systems, and mortise locks.

Commercial Offices

One of the more prodigious producers of problems with locks that require locksmith services are commercial office spaces. People are in a hurry or a piece of equipment malfunctions, and the key left in a lab or specialty production room is snapped with the key still in the lock. Killeen Locksmith Pros can be on your premises within 30 minutes, tools in hand and ready to get the job done. They also install all kinds of locks, do rekeying and install master key locks with varying access levels built in.

Planes, Cars, And Boats

A very common issue is with mobile machines. We have done key extractions, open doors when you are locked out, resolve ignition lock problems, replace locks, replace keys, rekey vehicle locks or replace whole assemblies. We also handle replacement and reprogramming of Transponder keys.

Select The Best

We handle almost every kind of lock problem imaginable, including: new home rekeying, commercial master key systems, restricted access locks, high security lock and keys, security gate locks, push button access and even the latest finger print biometric access locks. Whatever your lock problem, be it a broken off key that requires a key extraction, or any other type of lock installation or repair, remember your 24 Hr Emergency Locksmith Service with a smile is Killeen Locksmith Pros.

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