lock services in goergetown texasThinking about the inconveniences of having to get up all the time to have your door unlocked could be very stressful, especially if you always have guests trooping in all time. Imagine how comfortable it could be, opening your front door with your smartphones. This is only attainable when you hire a lock service to setup your smartphone app and a smart door lock.

Lock services know the latest innovations regarding indoor and entryway technology. It saves you the stress of getting up to unlock the door for your guests. Just tap the screen of your phone, and the door slides open.

There are different types of smart door locks. Some of which include the Wi-Fi door locks and Bluetooth or NFC door locks. The Wi-Fi door locks transfer messages via a router and the Internet, while the Bluetooth and NFC door locks will communicate directly with a smartphone via a short distance._

The Bluetooth and NFC door locks have to be close to the smartphone for it to unlock. This is highly convenient for the homeowner when he or she comes back home because they wouldn’t have to search for their key or pull out their smartphone. The lock will detect the phone wherever it is. Whether it is on your body making the door to automatically unlock or lock.

Pros of Connecting your Smartphone to your Front Door

Recurring Access

One of the greatest advantages of smart door locks is that you can grant access to the same company always without having to manually unlock or lock the door each time the guests arrive. This is very helpful when you hire workers to fix some things in your home. Rather than granting them access as they arrive, you can setup the smart door lock to unlock for them whenever they want to enter your home. Do you know, you can also send an email or SMS with a temporary access code which can be used by your guests to unlock the door?

It Keeps Track Of Kids and Let’s Neighbors In Remotely

Another advantage of hiring lock services to install these locks is tracking. Do you know that when your kids come home, the door lock can send notifications to your smartphone where ever you are, and these can give you relief knowing that they are safe? If some friends or neighbors need your help, and you are on vacation, don’t fret because you can still let them use your home by unlocking the doors remotely via the Internet.

Activate Other Smart Home Devices

When you arrive home and open your smart door lock, it automatically enables other home devices which include smart lights, smart thermostats, and other connected devices. The lock service sets up everything for you, saving you the stress of searching for a light switch in the dark.

These advantages are worth installing a smartphone to your front door. Setting up this device will make your home stand out from other houses in your neighborhood.

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