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Get The Latest Security Technology With New Biometric Locks

Boost your peace of mind and security at the same time with biometric locks from Killeen Locksmith Pros.

We’re local locksmiths in Killeen that takes pride in providing high-quality work and security products at budget-pleasing rates. Take a moment to consider the many benefits of our biometric lock systems — high-tech, keyless security locks that typically require a fingerprint or other human identification feature for access to your home, office, business, or commercial property.

Why Killeen Locksmith Pros?

We’re a mobile locksmith company that has worked hard to earn a solid reputation throughout Killeen, TX, and the surrounding areas. Licensed, bonded, and insured for your added peace of mind, we provide affordable 24-hour residential and commercial locksmith service.

Our local locksmith technicians have a minimum of five years of experience. Many of your neighbors already turn to us for full lock installation, maintenance, and repair service and 24-hour emergency locksmith service for the following reasons:

  • We have fully equipped mobile locksmith units stocked with the latest equipment and tools
  • We provide fast, friendly service — in 30 minutes or less!
  • Our estimates are honest and our pricing is upfront and reasonable
  • We provide expert advice and thorough answers to questions

Why Biometric Locks?

Biometric Locks Installed By Killeen Locksmith ProsState-of-the-art locks that use biometric technology provide an added layer of security in both home and business settings. They are essentially access control systems since only specific individuals will be able to get into doors that have these locks.

There are several different types of biometric-based locks, including ones that use fingerprints, voice patterns, retinal (eye) scans, and even facial feature recognition.

We install, repair, and maintain an assortment of residential and commercial biometric lock systems. Our local Killeen lock service technicians will help you choose high-security locks that are right for your needs, preferred style, and budget. We can even do a security audit to determine where you would likely need to have such locks placed. We install and service high-tech locks from many trusted brands, including Yale, Kwikset, Samsung, Bosch Security Systems, and Schlage.

Residential High-Tech And Biometric Locks

Enhance your residential security by upgrading from traditional locks to biometric designs. We’ll help you find high-tech locks that fit in naturally with your home’s aesthetics while still providing the added layer of security you prefer.

Our residential locksmith pros will clearly explain your options and complete installation as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’re also available for emergency locksmith repair and routine maintenance.

Commercial Security Systems And Biometric Lock Systems

Are you thinking of adding an extra level of security to your business? Looking for an affordable access control system? We offer customized commercial security systems that can be as basic or extensive as you prefer.

Our commercial locksmith pros will sit down with to determine your security needs and identify areas where biometric access makes sense for your business. And we’re available 24-hours a day, seven days a week if you need any follow-up or emergency repair service.

Biometric Lock Repair In Killeen

If you’re in need of biometric lock repair, take advantage of our 24-hour locksmith service. A trained technician will arrive quickly to assess the situation and get your biometric lock system working again. We can repair everything from malfunctioning scanners or sensors to high-security locks that have been damaged.

Full Biometric Lock Installation In Killeen

Biometric lock installation in Killeen is fast, stress-free, and affordable when you call on our team to get it done. Our local locksmith pros can replace existing locks that may not be providing adequate security or peace of mind, add new biometric locks to enhance security features you already have in place, or install new high-tech locks on doors that never had such locks before. We’ll also stick around to get everything set up and show you how your new locks work.

A Brief History Of Biometrics

Unique fingerprint patterns were first identified in 1665 by Italian biologist and physician Marcello Malpighi.

Argentine police officer Juan Vucetich first used fingerprints to identify an individual in 1892 when he positively ID-ed a murder suspect.

A breakthrough in biometric technology occurred in 1968 when a computer was able to outperform humans to correctly identify individuals from a collection of 2,000 photos.

Computer-aided iris identification was first practically used by British professor John Daugman in 1994, although the basic science behind the technology dates back to ancient Greece and Egypt.

The market for biometric lock installation expanded significantly after 9/11 when security became an even greater priority for many residential and commercial property owners.

In the end:

For fast, reliable 24-hour locksmith service, call on the experts at Killeen Locksmith Pros. From residential locksmith services to the installation of new, high-tech commercial security systems and emergency locksmith service, we’re your one-stop source for your home and business locksmith needs. Give us a call today for more information on our biometric lock systems and services.

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