When building your house, what goes on your minds the fact that you are investing in something that will last for decades to come? There are several things you need to take into consideration, including the door locks to use and much more. To cut it short, let’s focus on door locks and how they affect your home security and your safety. When assessing your house locks, there are some things you need to take into consideration for maximum security. To start with, we give you 5 locks that will keep burglars away.

Portable locks

Do you need to improve your home security, then portable locks should be on your list of locks to buy. Portable locks are the kind of locks that work in conjunction with your primary lock. These locks can be removed or installed from your house door easily. No drilling is required for this type of locks. They adjust to nearly all door thickness.

The swing locks

Swing locks enhance your home security by making sure your door is securely locked. These locks are easy to install. Mostly they act as backups to primary locks. The swing locks technology allows you to open your door a few inches so that you can talk with those outside at the same time initiating security and privacy.

Kwitset Kevo

These locks are where technology meets security. The kwitset locks are Bluetooth locks that can replace your home deadbolt locks. These locks use comes with a touchscreen. By tapping on the Kwikset Kevo lock it unlocks, but only if you have the kwitset fob and smartphone nearby. The lock also comes with a set of electronic keys that you can use to open the lock or give them to your friends if you want to.

Lockitron bolt

The lockitron bolt is a smart lock that senses as you approach and automatically unlocks your doors. The lock has a smartphone that can be shared with those who you want to access your home or apartment without the risk of leaving your door open. It also notifies you when someone unlocks the door.

Grade1 deadbolt.

This lock is for extra security. When selecting a lock, make sure it is rated grade 1. These locks cost a few more dollars than other locks, but the materials used and solid construction gives it an advantage over the rest. They are harder to break for burglars and durable.

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