Stop horrific locksmith experiences. Help spread the word about how locksmith companies are shady. Tell people how the locksmith that comes to your house is there for money and that is it. All he wants is money.

This is a terrible statement/mind set that a lot of people have about locksmiths. And this is simply not true. Locksmiths are awesome professionals with training that can only be acquired from a school or having locksmith uncle who will cuddle you under their strong wings. That type of mentorship program to becoming a locksmith is kinda rare and you just wont find it much. But you can jam your self on down to the local locksmith shop and ask them for help. They might hire you to work for free for a couple of years and then you will be a seasoned pro at locksmith services. And being a pro at anything is a good thing!

Well I will never be a locksmith. It is amazing after all of the bad locksmith services that I have hired that I still even consider locksmith services at all. But I live in a modern world and my need for locksmith services is an everyday thing. (it seems lately) Last week I was jump roping with my buddy Juan when, what happens, my Jaguar keys fall on the ground and I stomp on them, not once, but two times. Now that sucked bad! The keys were in 5 pieces and Juan was laughing in Spanish at me. All of the latina girls on the wall were laughing at me too. I was embarrassed. But I am most of the time anyways, but I was super embarrassed this time.

What was awesome though, I was able to hold my cool by taking in a deep breath and chilling out. It was really easy for me. I relaxed, kept jumping rope and smiling. I have found that when I pull my striped socks up to just under my knees that I can focus better because I feel confident, like a shield or something for my scrawny legs. That works for me I do not know about you. What ever works right? What I knew too that made me so calm and collected when I stomped my transponder keys to oblivion is that I will call a car key locksmith over to take care of it. I wanted to appear collected and frankly rich to everyone who saw this nonsense. And I pulled it off.

When the car key locksmith arrived I pretended like I was the king of a temple in Eden (or somewhere really biblical and exotic). The locksmith stared up to me and my beard as we spoke. I love how lesser beings cannot look me in the eyes I thought to myself, but then again I had sunglasses on and it is hard to tell if I am looking at the face or elsewhere on the front of their body. Kinda creepy you know.

We talked and I even bought the locksmith a coffee for his help. He was not rude. Actually this story is the best story of all because this locksmith was hired from a company call Killeen Locksmith. This is a true story. The Killeen Locksmith was so helpful in reprogramming my Jaguar fobs that I wanted to write some blog posts for the blog that you are reading here today. I just cannot say enough about the service. I am loving the brand and company. Most importantly I love the experience that I received!

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