best locksmith services in wacoIf you have never been locked out of your home, count yourself among the lucky few. For some, they don’t have the privilege as they find themselves locked out more than they can imagine. To sum it up most people have been locked out of their home more often. What can you do when you find yourself in such a situation? Here are five things that will help you stay calm and finally get access to your house.

Try and get the spare key

It’s always advisable to keep a spare key outside your home, somewhere you can easily find it. If you have a reliable neighbor or friend, you can leave your key with them. Leaving a spare key means you can access your home if your key is stolen or misplaced. If your spare key is with a relative or a trusted friend, all you need to do is call them.

Call the landlord

In most cases, landlords always spare key for their rented homes or apartments. Calling your landlord means you will probably inconvenience them, but bring you the spare key is always a better option than having the lock changed or breaking the door. However, this is not the option for you if you own your house. Calling a friend or family member is a better option.

Take off the doorknob

If you use bead bolt lock, then taking the doorknob should be your next option. Although door knobs have mounting screws or have connections, if you look closely you will see tiny pin-sized slot or hole located to the side or below the knobs. With the tiny pin or piece of metal, you take off the knob by inserting the piece of metal into the hole and twisting while pulling.

Check for unlocked windows

Always make sure the window is not easily accessible by other and only you know it is unlocked. If there is unlocked window, use it, but make sure no one is watching. Also, beware of the furniture and items below the window. Anything can happen when entering through the window. You might lose balance and fall inside.

Call locksmith

If all the above fails, calling locksmiths a better option than breaking the door or the window. That’s why it’s always wise to have a locksmith number in your contact list. They always save the day and give you access to your house.

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