You are late yet again! Time’s a wasting! You get your bags, run out the door, almost forgetting your keys. In all the chaos, you finally realize that your car key fobs are not working! We all would have faced this situation some point or the other.

automotive locksmith services in copperas coveThere are many ways that you could have possible damaged your car key fobs. Let us have a look at the most common reasons that people’s key fobs stop working.

1. Transmitter malfunction: As you generally know, a transponder consists of a transmitter and a receiver. A transmitter is the one that is placed in the transponder key. It has many electronic connections and that is how the signal is transmitted to the receiver. If your car key fobs are soaked and water has seeped in, the electronic connections could be fried. This could be the reason why the transmitter is unable to transmit a signal.

2. Key Concussion: Or, maybe you dropped the car key fobs s so hard that one or more connections has been broken. So, the car key fob is unable to transmit a signal to the receiver.

3. Ignition Cylinder: Your car key fob is not only associated with the door lock or central lock, but is also used to turn on the ignition cylinder. The reason that your key is not working could be that the ignition cylinder has a starter problem or is faulty.

4. One of the other most common issue is that the key is bent due to a heavy force. A lock and key are unique. So if the shape of the key has been altered, it will not work. You may have tried to pull it out forcefully.

5. If your car key fob has been scraped over a hard surface, the grooves in it will be altered. It will not fit into its counter shape in the lock and hence does not help in unlocking or starting your automobile’s engine.

6. Weak fob batteries: The automobile transponder requires batteries to function. If the battery has drained, or has leaked, there are good chances that your transponder will not work. You can check your batteries and replace them if they have drained or leaked. Sometimes, there could even be a short circuit if moisture seeps into electronics. Be sure to keep it dry at all times.

7. You may have recently lost your original car key fobs and might have got duplicate ones made. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but even a duplicate is never ever identical to the original. It will have minute changes, however small. Or maybe your transmitter key has not been programmed to transmit to your car receiver.

Here are some of the most common ways that people damage their automobile transponder keys and it stops working. Even if you find yourself stuck in such a situation, fret not. A car key fob replacement service can always help you.

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