Locking yourself out of your own home can leave behind some pretty awkward and embarrassing moments in our lives. At the same time though, locking yourself out of the house can be dangerous as well in certain cases. What if you left the oven on by accident or the kettle?

You want to avoid these kind of scenarios altogether so we’ve put together a short list of things you can do to ensure you never lock yourself out of your house again.

Know Where The Keys Are

It’s a pretty obvious tip but still an important one. Make sure before leaving your house that you ask yourself a simple question: Do I have my keys? A simple question but an effective one.

Some other things to keep in mind is having a specific location to keep your keys. A lot of people run into forgetting their keys if they toss them somewhere. Instead of that, find a place you can hang them or in a specific location.

Keep Your House Keys With Your Car Keys

For a lot of us, we’ve got multiple keys to various things so it makes sense to keep them all attached to a particular key ring. This makes your job a bit easier since if you plan to go out and use your car, you can’t if you left your keys behind.

Distribute Spares

Another common practice is to make multiple copies of the same key. Although it can be risky in certain cases, it still is a decent solution. Either give the spare key to family members, friends or neighbours or leave a spare key at work or hidden around the house.

Use A Key Storage Box

One of the big risks of handing out spare keys to people is that it can get confusing who has keys to what. Even in cases where the people you pass them to are trusted, they could pass the key over to someone you don’t know. Furthermore having a key hidden around outside of your home still doesn’t protect you from thieves since they could find it.

You can mitigate all of that with this tip which is to get a spare key storage container. There are various companies who supply wall mounted key storage boxes which are only accessible when using the appropriate lock combination. With that, if you run into a case where you do forget your keys, you still have access to one that’s around your house.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is the combination. So make sure you keep that combination tucked away on your phone.

Going Keyless

The last tip you can consider is actually going keyless. With advancement in technology, we’ve gotten to the point where keys are actually secondary to opening up doors. These days it’s not out of the ordinary to have touchpad locks where you have to insert a four digit combination.

These locks are convenient, secure, and overall remove the hassle of carrying around keys. Of course a key can still open it, but in this case if you forgot your keys you at least have a secondary option to get into the house.

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