This happens to the best of us – you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, and you try to start the car, but you realize that the key is stuck in the ignition – it doesn’t move and no matter how hard you try, you cannot start the car.
There are so many occasions when your car key fails to work. Let’s look at why your car key is not working.

#1: The Lock is Damaged – It is possible that the car key isn’t working and you can’t open the car door because the lock is damaged. It is very rare for modern day car locks to get damaged as they are operated with keyless entry remotes or key fobs. But this is something that happens all the time with older models. The lock may have worn down because of years of wear and tear. The internal mechanism of the lock may have been damaged because of a collision or an accident. Regardless, have the lock changed by an automotive locksmith.

#2: The Key is Damaged – It is possible that your car key may have been damaged. Now, your car key may look fine from all external appearances, but what you don’t realize is that the grooves on the key that correspond to the internal mechanism of the lock or the ignition switch may have been worn out. This can happen because of wear and tear over many years of use. That is probably the reason why your car key is not working.

#3: Malfunctioning Ignition Cylinder – Your car key is not only something that unlocks the car door, but it is also a special tool which starts the ignition. If the ignition does not start when you insert the car key into it, then that may have nothing to do with the key, but everything to do with the ignition cylinder. The car’s ignition may have been damaged, which is only natural as it is made from mechanical components, which get worn out over time. That’s why it is important to get the ignition mechanism checked thoroughly when you get the car serviced.

#4: The Key Fob Batteries Need to Be Replaced – One reason the car keys are not functioning is because the batteries in the keyless entry remote or the key fob have run out and need to be replaced. If the car does not respond to the signals sent from the key fob or keyless entry remote, this is most likely to be the case. Replacing the batteries is easy enough.

#5: The Keyless Entry Remote or Key Fob has been Damaged – It is possible that the chip in the key fob or keyless entry remote has been damaged, or the internal electronics have malfunctioned, because which the key does not work. Also, there could be an issue with the receiver or the transmitter in the car’s electronics because of which the car key is malfunctioning. In either case, have the car key checked by a car locksmith who can provide you with car lockout services.

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