You may go home one day and discovered that you accidentally locked yourself out. It might be a terrible lockout situation and you might yourself becoming upset but everything has a solution.
If you ever find yourself in this difficult situation, here are some of the things that you should do:

1. The first thing that you need to do is to calm down. The next is, you should try to think where you put your keys. You might have forgotten it on your office or you might have a spare key that you have entrusted to your neighbours. Call your friends, family or anyone that has access to your house. If none of them have the keys, then you might want to consider sending duplicates to anyone you trust so that you won’t find yourself in this situation anymore.

2. If you don’t have any other ways of getting the key, you can try the following: Try to access your windows. You might have windows which you forgot to close. Although this is not a good idea, and will attract thieves to your house, an open window can give you easy access inside your house. If you need to use a ladder, you might have to borrow from your neighbours’ or from your local fire department. The windows which are side-hinged can be easy to pry open with the use of hangers made of wires. Just make sure that you won’t forget the keys next time and always close the windows.

3. Remove the Doorknob. You can easily disengage a lock by taking the knobs apart. Use a screwdriver to unfasten the screws. Every lock is different. You might or might not be able to disengage the lock after you remove the doorknob since it will require removing a secondary plate. You can also remove the lock on the doorknob through credit cards. Select an outdated card or a library card that is laminated. Insert the card in the door and try to track where the latch is located. Bend the card from the knob and try to slide the latch away from the door jam. Try to push the door while bending the card.

4. Call a locksmith. When you are successful in unlocking your door, then replace the lock with a more secure one and start double checking your purse for front door keys when you go out. If you were unable to pick the lock, you should call a locksmith nevertheless. They can easily save you from all the trouble in unlocking your door. Not all locksmiths can open your front door most of the time. They just generally have the right tools to that can unlock your door in no time.

5. Always be prepared and make sure that your keys are with you whenever you go out. Your wallet, phone and keys should be with you all of the time. Have spare keys inside your car so you can have a backup if the major front door keys are missing.

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