Are you tech-savvy? If you are then you have come across the high tech locks on the market. High tech locks from the ones that connect using Bluetooth, fingerprints, and even a WIFI enabled system are all available. These locks are transforming the way people access their homes and commercial building. With these technologies, the locks are on the verge of making house keys disappear. More and more people will be using smart devices to unlock their doors. To understand better, here are the latest high tech savvy locks in the market.

Key fobs locks

Also known as proximity locks the key fob locks are simple to use, meaning you don’t need to have a key to open them. For you to open yours, you only need to carry the fob with you. Once you are near your door, you tap the fob to unlock the lock. You can also press the button on the fob to unlock. It means you don’t need to be so near to the house. You can open it from a safe distance like once you get to your driveway.

Surveillance look

The surveillance locks have a camera that allows you to always see who is opening the door to your home. The surveillance shows you exactly who opens the door and at that time. To start with, you need program codes for people to access the home and once they arrive at the door, the lock offers a warning LED greeting.

Biometric locks

The biometric locks are high tech locks used in commercial building and homes. The locks come in different forms. The most popular ones are those that recognize your fingerprints before they can open. Once you get to your door, you open it by swiping your finger.

Smartphone-controlled locks

The smartphone-controlled locks are available in almost all lock store in your neighborhood. For the locks to work, you must use your phone and sync with the locks via Bluetooth. The process allows you to remotely control the entrance and keep track of who goes and comes in. Some of these locks will recognize your phone when you are approaching and automatically opens. Others will send your message as soon as someone opens the door.

There are many types of high tech locks out there. These locks are great for homeowners, but there are not the best for people struggling the program them.

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